The 8 Best Wilson Basketballs for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Do you love playing basketball? Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, having the best equipment is essential. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 7 best Wilson basketballs for indoor or outdoor use. Wilson is a trusted brand in the world of basketball, and their products are sure to give you the best performance possible. So whether you’re looking for a ball to take to your next game or one to keep at home, we’ve got you covered! On the other hand, if you are looking for the best basketballs from all brands, check this page.

Wilson basketball: a well-known and trusted brand for basketballs

There are many reasons why Wilson is a trusted brand for basketballs. One reason is that they offer a wide range of ball types and sizes to choose from, making it easy to find the best ball for your needs. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor ball, Wilson has you covered. They also have a range of prices to fit any budget, so you can get the best ball without breaking the bank.

Another reason Wilson basketball is a trusted brand is that its balls are made with quality materials and construction. This ensures that your ball will last for years, even with regular use. And if something does happen to your ball, Wilson offers a great warranty so you can get a replacement.

A big seal of trust is the decision of the NBA to use Wilson for its games. This is the highest level of basketball and the best players in the world use Wilson balls. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you.

So if you’re looking for a new basketball, be sure to check out the great selection from Wilson. You’ll find the perfect ball for your needs and you can be sure that it will last for years.


Use caseSuggestionPictureMore Info
Best Wilson Basketball Overall:WILSON NBA Authentic Series Basketballs (Details)wilson nba authentic series basketballs
Best Value for Money Wilson Basketball:Wilson NCAA Outdoor Basketball (Details)wilson ncaa basketball
Best Wilson Outdoor Basketball:WILSON NBA DRV Series Outdoor Basketballs (Details) WILSON NBA DRV Series Outdoor Basketballs
Best Wilson Indoor Basketball:Wilson Evolution Basketball (Details)WILSON Evolution Game Basketball

Wilson indoor basketballs

Wilson basketball is one of your top choices when it comes to selecting an indoor ball. A Wilson leather basketball is after all the official ball of the NBA. So, if you are looking for the best indoor basketball to buy, then a Wilson basketball listed below can be the best purchase you ever made:

Wilson NBA ball (authentic series)

wilson nba authentic series basketball

The Wilson NBA Authentic Series Game Basketball is the most elite basketball in the world, and we’ll start our best Wilson basketballs review with it. It is the official game ball of the world’s best basketball league, the NBA, from 2021. After 37 years, Spalding was phased out and replaced by Wilson in 2021. It is a great original Howrween leather cover ball for both indoor and outdoor use (as there are different versions of it). It is not inexpensive, to say the least (though its cost is affordable). It’s ideal for someone searching for a high-end ball that will last longer than a year! Whether you’re looking to improve your game or just need a new basketball, this would be your top pick in terms of fame and reputation.

WILSON NBA Authentic Series Basketballs Pros
  • Simply the highest quality indoor basketball
  • It is designed to give you an excellent grip and ball control, because it is a soft, genuine leather basketball.
  • NCAA authenticity ensures that gamers receive the best possible materials and fit for use in indoor basketball.
WILSON NBA Authentic Series Basketballs Cons
  • It’s one of the best basketballs, but it’s also quite expensive.
  • The outdoor version is ideal for playground usage only (can wear out quickly)

Wilson Evolution basketball

wilson evolution basketball

One of the best Wilson basketballs is the Wilson Evolution Game basketball. It has a leather exterior and the greatest grip of any basketball, but it is more expensive than an outdoor basketball. Use it indoors only because this extends the life of the leather ball. For this reason, it is currently the most popular basketball in the United States. It’s one of the most popular indoor basketballs in gyms all around the world, having been used and tested for 18 hours each day in practice.

Wilson Evo Basaketball used as the official ball of FIBA Basketball Champions League (Europe)
Wilson Evo Basaketball used as the official ball of FIBA Basketball Champions League (Europe)
WILSON Evolution Game Basketball Pros
  • Extremely soft to the touch, its grip is ideal for basketball.
  • Excellent ball control
  • A variety of color choices for the letters and a flag-themed version with the stars on it are available.
  • The NFHS has granted approval for this ball to be used in state high school association football championships
WILSON Evolution Game Basketball Cons
  • Because it is composed of soft material, never use the ball outside unless you wish to risk damaging it.
  • You may need to inflate it more for optimum bouncing depending on your preference

WILSON NCAA Evo NXT Game Basketball

wilson ncaa evo nxt basketball

The Wilson NCAA Evo NXT Game Basketball is one of the best college indoor basketballs. It has a very similar construction to the Evolution basketball, with a few key differences. The main difference is that this ball uses Grip-iT technology for an even better grip than the Evolution. It also has deeper channels and a softer cover. This makes it more expensive than the Evolution.

WILSON NCAA Evo NXT Game Basketball Pros
  • Extended range tech. A softer touch around the rim and more spin with less effort at all distances.
  • Unique control: The combination of pebbles in the grooves provides a uniform surface texture that draws moisture away and enhances grip for exceptional control.
  • Increased grip: For better control, the ball cover channels away moisture, reducing sweat on the ball’s surface.
  • Soft for the palms and fingers: this allows the fingers to dig deeper into the surface for greater accuracy and a softer touch, ensuring that every player can find the shooter’s touch.
  • Highly visible color: You may now follow the flow of play from across the court with a brighter Electric Orange hue
WILSON NCAA Evo NXT Game Basketball Cons
  • Feels like a cross between rubber and leather and might remind rubber balls to some players
  • Color might look too bright to some users
  • Feels a bit light

Wilson Jet Competition basketballs

wilson jet competition basketball

If you are looking for a great game ball for indoor basketball and you are not a fan of very expensive basketballs, then the Wilson Jet basketballs might be the perfect fit. It’s one of the best pieces of sporting equipment for those possessing this indoor play baller instinct. Wilson Jets are great balls and they do not require any substantial break-in period.

Wilson Jet Competition basketballs Pros
  • High-performance composite leather with pebbled composite channels
  • Cushion core technology
Wilson Jet Competition basketballs Cons
  • Indoor use only

Wilson outdoor basketballs

Apart from the best indoor basketballs, Wilson also produces a big selection of great outdoor balls. Some of them are composite leather basketballs that offer great endurance while also trying to imitate genuine leather balls. There are also cheap basketballs that can be used in more rough outdoor courts and still offer a high-quality basketball game. Hence, if you’re looking for a durable ball to take to the park or beach, we recommend one of these below Wilson outdoor basketballs.

WILSON NBA DRV Series Outdoor Basketballs

wilson nba drv series basketball

One of the best outdoor basketballs for people who want to spend a little more money. It’s constructed of the highest quality rubber, which is ideal for intense games outdoors (outdoor model) and it comes in 3 versions (DRV, DRV plus, DRV pro). If you want your ball to stand out, there are a plethora of interesting color and design choices available.

WILSON NBA DRV Series Outdoor Basketball Pros
  • The popular NBA logo is depicted in the center, flanked by several designs.
  • The soft feel makes it comfortable to dribble for long periods of time. The cushioned layer provides great traction in any weather.
  • There’s no air loss, and it’s the best fit for individuals who don’t want to pump up air every few days
WILSON NBA DRV Series Outdoor Basketball Cons
  • The price isn’t the greatest value for money (you may get a lower cost alternative to this)
  • After some use, the colors on the websites become faded.

Wilson NCAA outdoor basketballs

Wilson NCAA outdoor basketball

This Wilson NCAA replica game basketball is a both indoor outdoor basketball. This means that it can offer consistent bounce and ball handling both in indoor courts but also for outdoor play. Wilson NCAA final four edition basketball is one of its variations, the others being:

  • Killer crossover
  • MVP
  • Street shot
  • Elevate
Wilson NCAA outdoor basketball Pros
  • Great grip is due to the Surface Cover and Deep Channel Construction.
  • The frame is constructed of high-quality composite leather cover with a unique, one-of-a-kind design that allows for maximum rebound and longevity.
  • Ideal recreational ball
  • Indoor Outdoor play
Wilson NCAA outdoor basketball Cons
  • Some balls lose air pressure easily
  • Colors fade after some years

WILSON NBA Forge Series Outdoor Basketballs

wilson nba forge pro basketball

Another Wilson composite leather basketball that is worth mentioning as it is a great ball overall. It has a slightly different design that the DRV series and it is made of synthetic leather. It comes in three different sizes, official (7) and also 6 and 5. Moreover it offers 3 different quality versions: Forge, Forge Plus and Forge Pro.

WILSON NBA Forge Series outdoor basketball Pros
  • Pure Feel Cover: Feel and durability at a pro level
  • Ever Bounce Construction: Consistent performance every time
  • Real grip: Covering made for a durable, high-performance grip
  • Air retention: The inflation retention lining forms a longer-lasting air retention
WILSON NBA Forge Series outdoor basketball Cons
  • Might feel like peeling if it is left outside

The Wilson Airless Basketball Gen1

Wilson Airless Baketball Gen1

In early 2024, the launch of the Wilson Airless Basketball introduced an unprecedented innovation to the sporting goods market, featuring a pioneering design that eliminates the need for inflation. This basketball, distinctively crafted using advanced 3D printing technology, ensures a consistent bounce and optimal performance by sidestepping the common issue of deflation that plagues traditional basketballs. Wilson’s innovative approach employs cutting-edge materials and a novel structural framework, meticulously engineered to boost the ball’s durability and maintain its readiness for play under a variety of conditions, all while foregoing the routine air pressure adjustments.

Incorporating 3D printing technology into its creation not only addresses the perennial problem of basketball deflation but also pioneers a new era of sustainability in sports equipment production. This method significantly diminishes the environmental impact by lowering the number of basketballs that end up discarded due to wear and damage. As this airless basketball gains traction among players globally, it is poised to redefine standards in sports equipment design, with a focus on durability, performance, and user convenience. The introduction of the Wilson Airless Basketball, leveraging 3D printing, marks a substantial leap in sports technology evolution, promising an improved experience for players at every level and fostering a shift towards more sustainable practices in the industry.


Is Wilson or Spalding basketball better?

That’s an impossible question to answer since both companies produce outstanding basketballs. Wilson, on the other hand, is the greatest brand to use if you want an authentic basketball. Spalding makes high-quality non-official balls that may be utilized for both recreational and professional play because they have been producing Spalding NBA balls for a long time.

Is Wilson a good basketball brand?

Yes Wilson is a great brand that makes exceptional balls for professional basketball players. After all it produces the official game ball of the NBA.

Is Wilson reaction Pro a good ball?

Wilson Reaction Pro is an excellent ball for intermediate to advanced players. The cover offers great grip and feel, while the composite leather channels provide durability. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Why did the NBA change to Wilson?

The NBA changed from Spalding to Wilson because their contract was set to expire in 2021 (after 37 years). Wilson gave a better deal. Both brands, on the other hand, produce fantastic basketballs, so what ball should you choose should be a personal choice. Wilson is the obvious brand when it comes to official balls, but Spalding is the finest option if you are looking for a non-official ball.

Is Wilson the new NBA ball?

Yes, a genuine leather Wilson is the new NBA ball. The official game ball of the NBA has been Spalding NBA ball for a few years up until 2021. In 2021, their contract expired and they were able to renew it with Wilson. This does not mean that Spalding basketballs are no good; in fact, they make great non-official balls for both indoor-outdoor use. So if you are looking for an authentic NBA ball, then Wilson is the way to go, but if you want a high-quality non-official basketball, Spalding is still a fantastic option.


There is always a Wilson basketball that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The best Wilson ball for you really depends on your skill level and what you will be using the ball for. If you are looking for an official NBA game ball, then Wilson is the best brand to go with. If you want a great ball for indoor play, then Wilson Evolution might be the best option. No matter what your needs are, Wilson has you covered. There are some great basketballs made for both indoor and outdoor basketball listed in this article. If you spot any great basketball that we have missed, please leave us a comment and we will address the issue! Thanks for reading!


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